NHS Eye Examinations for the over 60's


The government is about to hand everyone over 60 a gift that could prove to be priceless. From 1st April this age group will be entitled to free eye tests under the NHS. Over 5000 people in Chepstow will benefit from this change in policy.

"Eye examinations are not only about checking to see if you need glasses," explains local optician Andrew Millington. "They can also reveal problems such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, diabetes and macula degeneration, all of which can lead to a loss of vision."

People are much more likely to experience such conditions as they get older, although they may not even notice the initial symptoms. That is why regular eye tests are particularly important for the over 60's - and why the Government has now introduced NHS eye tests for the elderly.

To explain the most common eye problems related to age, Armstrong & Millington have produced an information leaflet called "Age & Vision". It is available free of charge to anyone visiting the practice at 6 St Mary St, Chepstow or 36 Newerne St, Lydney or calling Armstrong & Millington on 01291 622269 or 01594 844956.


It's good news if you are 60 or over. From 1st April this age group is entitled to free eye tests under the NHS. Not only will this save older people money, but is should help to provide them with better eyecare.

If you are over 60, it is very important to have regular eye tests - usually once a year unless recommended otherwise by your optician. There are two reasons for this.

First of all, your eyesight changes in later life. Whereas only a third of people under the age of 35 wear glasses, nearly everyone needs spectacles by the time they are 65. It's a natural part of the ageing process.

Secondly, as you get older you are more likely to experience a medical problem which affects your vision. For example, cataracts are macular degeneration mainly occur in people over 60 and these can lead to very poor eyesight.

However, you may not even notice the initial symptoms of such conditions - which is why regular eye examinations are essential. The sooner a problem is detected, the greater the chance of it being treated successfully.

Of course, if your eyesight is getting worse, it doesn't necessarily mean you have a serious problem. You may simply need new glasses. However don't be afraid to ask your optician any questions you may have about your vision.

Remember, good eyesight is important for the full enjoyment of life at any age. If you are 60 or over, and haven't had an eye test in the last twelve months, you should consider making an appointment soon. After all, it's now free under the NHS.

(This article was written by local optician Andrew Millington, 6 St Mary St, Chepstow. Tel: 01291 622269

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